Miraplacid Custom Software Solutions

It is amazing how many companies need and already use custom solutions based on Miraplacid Text Driver. Some need solution based on Miraplacid Publisher or Miraplacid Binary DOM Library. Custom solutions become valuable part of our business. Now we have confidence that our estimations are precise, our plans are accurate and high quality solution will be done in time.

We track defects and improvements in Miraplacid Online Defect Tracking System. You will be provided with login to the System and will be able to report defects and monitor changes online. Besides, we usually send weekly status report on the project progress. We provide no more than a three-day turn-around of critical issues in our solutions. Additionally, usually we provide a direct technical contact dedicated to assisting in defect isolation and integration.

Solutions we make are properly documented and completed with setup, integration, testing, and maintenance instructions. We prepare complete specification and implementation plan prior to start implementing the solution.

We have formal procedures for defect reporting, tracking and resolving; defect isolation and root cause analysis, support and modifications. If you need something extra or something different, you can always expect our understanding and our best to meet your needs.

Miraplacid Technical Profile

Our software development expertise covers a wide range of technologies and software+hardware platforms. The main back-end tool we are using in our work is C/C++ in various environments, such as Microsoft Visual C++, gcc on Linux/Unix and others. For user interface we use .NET and C#. We specialize in fast and efficient implementation of complex solutions in the following areas:

  • Windows drivers for XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8.x/Windows 10/Windows 11.
  • Network programming, Internet development, Client-Server solutions
  • Custom Windows services development
  • Microsoft .NET applications
  • Windows GUI applications
  • Data processing (compression, files and documents conversion and transformation, custom data parsing and processing, etc)
  • Image processing (from scaling/filtering images to new graphics formats development)
  • Cross-platform software solutions (porting, consulting)
  • Distributed computing (COM/DCOM)
  • Unix programming (tools, utilities, system programming)
  • Cross-platform strong cryptography (anything you need)
At the following platforms:
  • MS Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
  • Linux, Unix

You can post your questions and proposals regarding software development at out special forum section.