Miraplacid PostScript Driver

Platform: Windows 2008/Windows 7/Windows 8.x/Windows 10/Windows 11. 32/64 bit platforms supported

Miraplacid PostScript Driver 2024 allows to print any documents to PostScript printers and to inject your content and PostScript commands into print jobs. After installation on your PC, Miraplacid PostScript Driver appears as a new printer in your system.

Miraplacid PostScript Driver Adminstration Software

With Add Printer installer feature, you may create several PostScript virtual printers which will produce PostScript output to different printer ports.
Each printer has its own settings. These settings could be adjusted with Administration software.

Miraplacid PostScript Driver default printer is connected to the FILE: printer port. If needed, you may switch it to use different port with a Printer Properties.

Most popular use-case for this tool is to print documents to a PostScript printer on a prepared document form (template) previously designed and saved to the printer memory, with some kind of "run" command. Also, Miraplacid PostScript Driver could be useful to print stampts or watermarks on document pages.

Miraplacid PostScript Driver can be uninstalled anytime.

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